Meet The Team

Meet the Clevyr Team

Reanna: Director of Operations

I’m Reanna!
I’m the animal care giver first and foremost. I have been working professionally with foxes since 2017. My journey started when I adopted two fur farm rescue foxes from Saveafox . In late 2017 I moved to Minnesota to work on site. After some life changes, I returned to Oklahoma to set out on my own. Going forward my goal in 2021 is to make some huge expansions to my facility here and be able to provide homes for more domestic foxes in need.

Lexi: Director of Merchandise and Fundraising

I’m Lexi and I live in Florida.
I’ve been designing and creating enamel pins for a while now (shout out to RozadoreMerch) so when Reanna asked for my help, our business relationship blossomed. While Reanna controls the animal and social media side of things, I’ll be doing the Merch side of things as well as some social media things.

Sami: Volunteer and Social Media Assistant 

Bio Coming Soon!