Meet The Foxes

Meet The Foxes!

 As of June 2023, we have 20 amazing foxes in our care. Keep reading more to learn all about them and their stories!


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Meet Killua! Killua is a “Smokey marble” colored Red Fox. He is a pet surrender. We are still getting to know Killua but he is very friendly. We expect him to blossom beautifully. We believe he is a young fox, likely born spring 2020.
 Killua was running loose in Oklahoma for several weeks. He was illegally sold at an animal auction and his owners were unlicensed and unprepared for his care; because of that he kept getting loose. Thankfully we heard about him and were able to come and trap him. His owners decided it was in his best interest to surrender him so that he could come live safely with us.  
Killua is a very shy fox, and doesn’t typically allow any touching. With patience he will approach and take treats, and some very rare occasions has allowed petting. 


 🌈 Spring 2021 to  11-1-2021

Hoshi has crossed the rainbow bridge. He was lovingly sponsored by Lexi L. 

He came into my life in Spring of 2021 as a surrendered fox. He had several homes already at 8 weeks old. I promised him, I was his forever home and we were. I gave him the very best life I could and he gave me the most special and strongest bond a fox could give.

Hoshi left paw prints on my heart, and the hearts of thousands of his online followers. He was the incarnation of chaos and the craziest little fox I have ever met. 

Hoshi will forever leave a paw print on my heart and I hope he does all of yours too.

Hoshi was a “pearl cross” colored fox  

Myobu & Floki

Meet Myobu and Floki!

🌈 Myobu crossed the rainbow bridge
September 18 2023

Myobu and Floki were both taken in as surrenders from a fox breeder here in Oklahoma. They are choosing to take a more educational direction with their facility, rather than breeding and selling pets mainly, so they chose to downsize how many animals they had. Myobu and Floki are also senior foxes, born around spring 2014, so they are ready to retire! They will spend the rest of their lives pampered in our care. Floki has been spayed, so no more babies for them! Myobu is a “white marble” and Floki is a “silver marble”. Both of them are Red Foxes. 



Meet Jasmine! We have very little info on Jazzy foxes past! We took her in as a transfer from another animal rescue. She was born spring 2021. While she is full grown, she’s a mini fox, and only about half the size of the other adult foxes! She is a “platinum” colored Red Fox. 
She is very shy, and doesn’t enjoy being touched. With lots of patience she will come and take treats. She is curious if people, but only occasionally allows nose boops. 


Meet Alacade. Alacade was a surrendered pet fox. While his family loved him a lot, they unfortunately lived in a place where it was illegal to keep foxes. We aren’t 100% sure what his color is, but he looks closest to a “pearl” colored red fox. We believe he may also have the “fire factor” gene or even may possibly be a “moon glow”. It’s hard to say what this unique boy is. All we know is he is cute! He’s a very sweet friendly boy, who loves squeaky toys. He was born in spring of 2021.   
Alacade is our LOUDEST fox by far! Every morning he greets me by screaming from the moment he sees me coming, and doesn’t stop till I’ve given him sufficient pets! Alacade loves attention. He is a super rough and obnoxious fox. He constantly bites, very hard, but not with intentions to injure. Canines use their mouths to communicate, and sometimes give love bites. Alacade loves to give love bites. 


 Meet Swiper! Swiper is a “cinnamon” colored red Fox. He was born March 24 2021. He is a surrendered pet fox, And he’s a TRIPOD! Swiper was in an accident with a dog before coming to us and had to have one of his legs removed. But not to worry: He gets along just as well as any other fox. His family loved him very much, and made the difficult decision to surrender him to ensure that he would be safe and happy in our care. 
Swiper is a silly fox, who loves scratches and belly rubs. 


Meet Luca! Luca is a “cinnamon marble” colored red fox. He was born Spring of 2021. Luca was a pet fox, who, after being purchased, was confiscated from his family because they lived in a city where it was illegal to keep foxes. After being confiscated he went to live with a wildlife rehabber. Later down the road the rehabber decided it was in Luca's best interest to transfer him into our care so he could have more space and be with other foxes! 
Luca is a tripod fox! Unfortunately early 2023 he had an accident and was badly injured on one of his back feet. Our vet did their best to save the foot, but later the choice was made to amputate. He adjusted to three legged life quickly, and gets around great. 


Pearl cross colored red fox

🌈 Spring 2018 to August 25 2022

- Sasha has crossed the rainbow bridge. She was lovingly sponsored by Kim L.

 Meet Sasha! Sasha was born around Spring 2018. She is a “Pearl cross” colored Red Fox. She was taken in by another rescue in 2020 and adopted locally. She was surrendered due to her not getting along with the other female fox she lived with: it was in her and the other foxes best interest to be separated. This is super common! Female foxes often do not get along unless raised together. We hope to be able to pair her with Swiper once she settles in! They are currently neighbors and getting along well! 


Milo is a “cross” colored Red Fox. He was born April 15 2021. Milo is our easily out brattiest fox! He loves attention and if he doesn’t get it exactly the moment he wants it, he will remind you that he has sharp teeth! Milo is very vocal and goes into “squeaky toy” mode when petted. He’s very demanding about his affection. He was a pet fox, whose family chose to surrender him.



Elly is a true Red Fox! She was born spring of 2021. Elly is one of the sweetest foxes in our care, she’s very affectionate and loves to be petted and cuddled. She’s also very vocal! She will be sure to tell you all about how she feels about something. No mistakes! She loves soft toys, and carries them around like babies. Elly was a pet fox and had a family who loved and cared for her very much, but had to make the choice to surrender her. 


Hazel is a “cinnamon white mark” colored Red Fox. She was born in spring of 2022. Hazel was a pet fox who was surrendered when her family decided they could no longer care for her. Hazel has a unique feature too! Not seen in most other foxes. She has a curled tail! We aren’t quite sure what the cause is. It could be genetic, an old injury, or even caused by poor health at one point in her life. Whatever the cause, it doesn’t give her any trouble, and it makes her super cute! 
Hazel is an extremely shy fox, and hasn’t quite opened up to us yet.


Blizzard & Raven

Meet Blizzard and Raven! Raven is a female, silver colored Red Fox, and Blizzard is a “marble” colored Red Fox. They were both born in spring 2021. 
They were both pet foxes, whose owner chose to surrender them. 
Blizzard is a very friendly, but sometimes pushy fox. He can be very adamant about what he wants and is very bold. Raven on the other hand is pretty shy. She’s friendly but takes patience to get her to come near. We are still getting to know them.


Kitsune is a “marble” colored Red Fox! He was born in spring of 2020. His name is Kitsune but we prefer to call him KitKat! KitKat had a wonderful family who cared for him since he was a baby, until spring 2023. Sadly in 2023 the town where his family lived made foxes illegal to own. Even though his family loved him very much and took great care of him, they had to make the hard decision to let him come to clevyr. 
KitKat is a sweet and friendly fox, and we are still getting to know him.



💜 Meet Artemys! 💜 

Artemys is a “fire and ice” colored Red Fox. She was born spring of 2023, likely around mid April. She and her sister Kestryl were both rescued from a furfarm by our friends at SaveAFox. Their mother chewed off their tails, due to the horrible stressful conditions at the fur farm. While this sounds sad, it saved their lives. Their siblings were all able to be saved too, and went to live at other rescues.

Artemys is a very sweet but shy fox. She is spooked easily, so must be approached with caution, but loves to sit and cuddle and be petted. She has a special bond with our Junior Fox Rescuer, Faye.



🩷 Meet Kestryl! 🩷

Kestryl is a “pearl” colored Red Fox. She was born spring of 2023, likely around mid April. She and her sister Artemys were both rescued from a furfarm by our friends at SaveAFox. Their mother chewed off their tails, due to the horrible stressful conditions at the fur farm. While this sounds sad, it saved their lives. Their siblings were all able to be saved too, and went to live at other rescues.
Kestryl is a very smart and treat driven girl. She will do nearly anything for a treat and learns quickly. We expect her to be able to learn lots of fun tricks as she gets older.


🖤 Meet Vespyr! 🖤

Vespyr is a “silver” colored Red fox. He was born in spring 2023, likely in mid March. He was purchased as a pet, but his family decided it was in his best interest to come live at our sanctuary. 
Vespyr is an extremely sweet fox, and loves people and attention. Vespyr is very smart and very possessive, like many foxes are. He is very protective of his favorite toys and people, and will remind you what is his with his teeth! You can recognize Vespyr easily because he is a very tall fox, and has one white foot! 


🍁 Meet Maple! 🍁 

Maple is a “silver cross” colored Red Fox. She was born March 27 2023. Maple was purchased as a pet and surrendered soon after when her family realized foxes were very expensive to care for. She’s a sweet and timid girl. We can’t wait to tell you more about her as she grows. Mystic and Maple, who was surrendered with her, are cousins!


🩵 Meet Mystic! 🩵
Mystic is a lovely and unique looking girl! We believe she is a “moon glow” colored Red Fox. She was born March 24th 2023. Mystic is a friendly, but ornery and adventurous girl. She’s rather bold and pushy to the other foxes, but not aggressive. She is also super talkative! She and Maple are cousins! How cool is that?!we look forward to sharing more about her life with you as she grows.


🐕‍🦺 Meet Tokala. 🐕‍🦺
Tokala is a “silver” colored domestic Red Fox. His birthday is March 10 2023. Tokala is a sweet loving special boy, and he is BLIND. Unfortunately his first owners did not provide a proper diet for him, which led to him losing his vision and having some mobility issues as well. Taurine is a critical nutrient for foxes. Thankfully his second family noticed his poor condition and brought him to a vet to get him set back on the right diet. While they were taking great care of him, they ended up deciding it was in his best interest to come live with us here at clevyr. 


🎩 Meet Feliks! 🎩

Felix is roughly 3 years old, and was likely born in spring of 2021. He is a silver colored Red Fox. Feliks was a pet fox, who found himself urgently needing a new home. He is very friendly, and likes both people and other animals! He is eager to make new fox friends here! He stands apart from the other silver foxes in our care because he has absolutely no white on him! His tail is just a little shorter than normal, so I believe he is missing the very tip, which is usually white, due to some kind of injury.