Sponsor A Fox

What is a sponsor? ⁣

A sponsor is person who pays for the monthly cost of one of our foxes care. ⁣
Sponsors allow us to put funds that we raise toward other things such as veterinary costs and expanding and upgrading our facility. Sponsors are an important part of caring for the foxes at our facility. It costs roughly 100$ a month for just the basic necessities for each fox. Food and parasite prevention. This doesn’t even include toys, treats, veterinary care, and other items they may need.
We ask for full and co sponsors to be a monthly commitment and not a one time thing. We ask that all sponsors give us a 30 day warning before ending their sponsorship. 

How much is it to sponsor? ⁣

100$ a month for a full sponsorship
50$ for a co-sponsorship!
Mini Sponsor any fox for 25$ a month! 

Who needs sponsored?


Click the link below to see more info! 

Sponsor a fox 

 A Huge Thank You to Our Fox Sponsors:

click the sponsors name to be directed to their Instagram accounts! 

Thystle is sponsored by Brian S

Rowyn is sponsored by 

Killua is sponsored by Michelle & Cheyenne

Myobu is sponsored by Myobu Token

Floki is sponsored by Myobu Token

Jasmine is sponsored by Kimmie L

Alacade is sponsored by Lexi L. 

Swiper is sponsored by Theresa  & Tirtze  

Luca is sponsored by Whitney & Debra

Milo is sponsored by