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They sell an array of pet gear! Including collars, leashes, outwear, bandanas, and more!
Use our discount code CLEVYR with your order to save 15% and Lucy&Co will donate a portion of the sale to the foxes!


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They sell an assortment of pet treats, chews, and more! 
use discount code CLEVYR to save 25% on your first order! We earn $5 per order using our link or code!


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Get your pets parasite prevention with PetBucket! 
No perscription needed, and they have a lowest price guarantee! Save an additional 12% on your orders with our discount code, and they will donate $10 each time you order to the Clevyr foxes! 
code: PBK13335140


SecondThrow is a eco-friendly non-profit who makes it their mission to recycle and redistribute tennis balls! We are so excited to collaborate with them, and hope to share the love with you all! Shop with code CLEVYR to save $5 on 100 pack and 25 pack tennis ball orders! When you use our code, they will donate 10% of the sale to the Clevyr foxes! 


sign up with fetch 

Fetch is a rewards app, where you earn points for scanning your receipts from purchases! Sign up with code MB9P23 and the Clevyr foxes will get 2,000 points to put towards gift cards for their needs! You can also donate gift cards you earn back to the Clevyr foxes as a way to support our cause without spending your own funds! 

If you would like to partner with us to help support the foxes, email us!