Surrender A Fox


Click here to complete our fox surrender form. 

We are currently at maximum capacity with 20 foxes in our care  that being said we can still help find placement for your fox! Please contact us if you need to surrender.

No owner wants to think about it, but there is always the potential that one day you may find yourself in a position that you can no longer keep your pet fox. It is part of our mission to:

“prevent the displacement of foxes, and to provide homes for foxes in need.”


In this situation I always recommend that the fox either be returned to their breeder, surrendered to a fox sanctuary or at the very least be given to someone who already has foxes and has had them for multiple years. Not to new owners or someone whose never had them.

Rehoming a fox can be traumatic, so when it happens over and over like it does to so many young foxes every year it can scar and traumatize them.

Another option if you purchased your fox from a responsible breeder is to contact them FIRST. Any responsible and ethical animal breeder will have a plan in place for animals they have sold that find themselves needing a new home. They may take the animal back, or help you find placement with someone.

Unfortunately many fox specific rescues are constantly working at full capacity. If we are full at the time of your contact, we can network with other rescues to help find placement for the fox. 

keep in mind you cannot sell or ask for a rehoming fee for a fox when you are rehoming it. You must be USDA licensed to do this, in every state, regardless of state law. Federal trumps state. You must surrender or give away the Fox. It cannot be sold.