Our Mission and goals

Our mission and goals.

"Our mission is to improve the lives of domestic foxes. To educate, to promote good ownership practices, to prevent the displacement of foxes, and to provide homes for foxes in need."

We provide sanctuary for domestic foxes in need. Foxes rescued from the fur trade, surrendered by pet owners, and other more unique situations. We also make it a priority to educate other fox owners and potential fox owners with best practices to provide their foxes with happy, health, forever homes. We want to do our best to help owners be able to keep their foxes, and when they cannot, provide sanctuary for them.

End of 2021 fundraiser update!


2021 has been an AMAZING and SUCCESSFUL year for Clevyr Creatures!


What have we achieved this year?


This year we were able to take in 6 new rescue foxes. Killua, Hoshi, Myobu, Floki, Jazzy, and coming to us soon, Alacade! As well as continued care for our original residents Thystle and Rowyn.


We were able to fundraise and purchase all the fencing materials needed for five 10x10 enclosures as well as the fencing for a 50x50 play yard! Which was over 6,000$ raised! Not to mention all the fundraising we have done this year that has gone directly to the care of the foxes!


This is a huge success!


For 2022 we have continued goals to expand our facility to help more foxes in need!


  • Our first goal is to fundraise to have our cement pads poured for the floor and dig guards for the new enclosures and play yard! This will cost roughly 7,000$ or more.


  • Our next goal will be to fundraise for the completion of the play yard. We still need to purchase the materials to make a full top for the yard. This will cost roughly 2,000$.


  • Finally, our last goal will be to build five more 10x10 enclosures. This will cost us roughly 5,000$ in fencing materials again.


At the end of this build we will be able to house up to 20 foxes and have a 50x50 play yard for them to get exercise and enrichment in daily.


Thank you all for making 2021 an amazing year, and we look forward to continuing this success and helping more foxes in need in 2022.


We couldn’t do this without all of you.


enclosure plans below

Enclosure Plans

All donations go directly to funding the building of our sanctuary and caring for the foxes.
Caring for foxes costs a minimum of $82 a month. This is something we must keep in mind. This is just basic care. Feeding and monthly parasite prevention. this does not include toys, vet care, and enrichment. With just routine vet care we can expect another 300$ per fox per year or more.
We also have decided on a policy to fit all of our resident foxes with Fi tracking collars. This is to ensure if we ever have an escape that the fox is almost guaranteed to be able to be located and brought home safely. These collars are not cheap, and do have a yearly fee of 99$ to keep the service.
If you have any further questions about our mission and goals please contact us.